How You can Add Luxury & Comfort to Your Restroom in Minutes

Upgrade Your Bathroom & Feel Truly Clean after Doing Your Business

Forget about expensive toilet paper that smears the mess instead of giving you a squeaky-clean rear end. Try Clear Rear today and experience a luxurious and refreshing cleanse without breaking the bank.

We have 3 butt washers in the house. What is said about bacteria is true. Once you start, you will never go back
- Robert G.
Customizable Pressure
Refreshing Cleanse
Can Prevent Clogging
Saves You Money

Why Don't Americans use Bidets When most of the World Does?

Think about it, would you use dry toilet paper to wipe a chocolate smudge off your face? Or would you use water?

Water is the answer for most, so why do we use dry toilet paper on our bums?

The problem used to be, bidets costed thousands of dollars because of all the complicated features. That’s why Clear Rear designed a luxurious bidet for a fraction of the cost.

If You Want a Refreshing Cleanse

 Throw Away your Toilet Paper Now! 

Toilet paper can be rough and smear around remains on your bum.

Yet Americans are walking around with irritated and dirty bums because of toilet paper.

Clear Rear can give your bum a refreshing cleanse. Washing away remains without smearing around nasty bacteria.

It’s time for you to get an effective, hygienic, and affordable solution that can make you feel refreshed and sparkling clean.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with

Clear Rear is the DIY bidet Americans are loving. It's so easy-to-use bidet and can be installed in about 15 minutes. No fancy tools or calling an expensive plumber needed.

It fits almost all standard toilets without any modifications!

It has two knobs to make things simple, and it even has a more delicate feminine wash option for the ladies. Plus an adjustable pressure knob!

There is also a self cleaning nozzle so you don't have to always reach in the toilet to clean it!

Why  Choose Clear Rear  For Your Bathroom Vistis?

Simple Installation

Clear Rear comes with a detailed set of instructions. You don’t need to be a plumber, it usually only takes 10-15 minutes to transform your toilet.

Customizable Pressure

Some like a softer, more gentle wash and others like to really get it in there and powerwash. Just adjust the knob and choose your favorite setting.

A Refreshing Cleanse

Clear Rear turns your toilet into a fancy bidet that can actually give your tush the hygienic cleanse it needs.

Can Save You Money

Americans spend tons of money on toilet paper every year. Clear Rear reduces the need for toilet paper and can save you hundreds.

Can Prevent Clogging

Toilet paper or wet wipes can clog your pipes. Next thing you know you’re shelling out hundreds to a plumber. Clear Rear helps prevent clogging in your plumbing system.

An Option for the Ladies

Just turn the knob to Clear Rear’s feminine option whenever you want. Clear is perfect for men, women, elders, and children!

Just imagine turning your bathroom into a luxurious, resort-like space that makes you feel clean every time you do your business!

 Ditch Expensive Toilet Paper 

and Transform Your Bathroom Experience

When you use toilet paper, it's like flushing your hard earned money down the toilet. Think about it? How many times have you bought TP without even thinking about it? It could add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Plus, wet wipes are even more expensive!  Not to mention, they can clog your pipes. Which might end up burning a hole in your wallet in repairs.

No wonder 80% of the world uses bidets. They’re more hygienic and can make you feel truly clean when you leave the bathroom. And Clear Rear’s luxurious, easy-to-use solution makes this affordable to any homeowner.

Thousands of Happy Customers Can’t Be Wrong about Clear Rear

Clean bottom!

“I like it cause your bottom feels clean all the time and your bottom doesn’t stink. Just tap it dry with little toilet paper.”
- Wini C.

Great gift!

“After spending the last month in the Middle East where bidets are the norm, I was overjoyed to have mine delivered to my home the day I returned. It was installed immediately and I.L.O.V.E.I.T. Looks good, easy hookup and works fantastic! I'm ordering more for Christmas Gifts next year!”
- Janice B.

I love Clear Rear

“Here ya go ppl... This is the way to.. Not need to run out n buy all the tp up... Love mine!!!!!!!”
- Bill K.

Goodbye TP

“I will only go at home with my clear rear! One pull of toilet paper to dry my tossey and I'm done--Screw this toilet paper shortage-I don't need it -one roll last mee A week or longeer!”
- Bill G.

My family loves it!

“I bought one as well. It is awesome! Bought it mostly for my 86 yr old mother because she has a hard time wiping. Well, everyone in the house uses it now and loves it and wants one in the other 2 bathrooms. I'd say this is a GREAT buy.”
- Ana G.

Saves me money

“Love mine saves a lot of paper and you really feel clean”
- Lucille D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Clear Rear work?

Clear Rear attaches directly to your existing toilet and then uses your existing water supply to give you a hygienic and refreshing cleanse. And our customers have set up Clear Rear in as little as 10 minutes!

Will this fit my toilet?

Clear Rear fits almost all American toilets including one piece and two piece toilets.

Do I need to add any wires for electricity?

No, Clear Rear runs off of solely off the water supply line you install and does not require any external electricity or wiring.

Does it use dirty toilet water?

Heck no! It uses the same water supply that fills your toilet’s tank. That’s why is so hygienic and so easy to install.

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